" If You Don’t Find A Way To Make Money While You Sleep, You Will Work Until You Die ".

– Warren Buffet.

You will be making Residual Income for Life.
You will have Access to Premium Life-impacting E-books for free
We heartily welcome you to NaijaUnion.org, a website that is principally designed for Nigerians to achieve two things namely MONEY MAKING and INFORMATION ACQUISITION. We mean information that centres on peak performance, self-development, family success, business and financial success. What actually informed us about this project is the high rate of unemployment and poverty in the country coupled with knowledge deficiency among majority of Nigerians.
Knowledge deficiency, of course, is a major cause of poverty amidst other factors though. Even if you are so rich enough that you think you don’t need this program, you still need to participate as a means to impact on millions of others who this program will greatly help out. This is the reason it is called Naija Union. It is a community.
Nigerians should come together to combat endemic poverty in the land through this program. Consequently, there are two things every member will benefit on NaijaUnion.org:
You will be making Residual Income for Life.
You will have Access to Premium Life-impacting E-books for free
Assurance! Assurance!! Assurance!!!
But why must you consider joining NaijaUnion.org Program? Simply for FOUR reasons stated below:
1. As a registered member on NaijaUnion.org, you shall have access to a load of vital, premium information on the following SIX subjects;
SALES & MARKETING(Digital Marketing Inclusive),
This platform is a unique learning window with invaluable information that will have lasting impact on your life. You will find concise answers to some of your troubling issues as they concern any of the above subjects.
2. On NaijaUnion.org, you will learn a very detailed, step-by-step implementation of FIVE different type of online businesses you can set-up namely;
The platform teaches you the rudiments of all the above highlighted online business models so that you can decide on which one you're probably comfortable with to launch as your own start up. You will even have the support to get started and be mentored for success.
3. YOU WILL GET PAID as a premium member on NaijaUnion.org for LIFE. Did we hear you say for real? Yeah, that's it!

NaijaUnion.org is an income earning platform for all members. Guaranteed!
In fact you will be earning a possible total sum of N135,000 per cycle for life. And the overwhelming truth is that you can complete as many cycles as possible per every calendar year.

What an opportunity that all Nigerians need to embrace and herald far-and-wide!
4. Membership registration on NaijaUnion.org is FREE. Yeah, you heard us right, FREE and it will always BE.

PS: After you've registered though, to benefit all the above goodies, all you need do is to upgrade your FREE membership to PREMIUM with a one-time payment of N5,000 only.
Our Pact with All Members [Premium, Free and Potential members]
We want you to be rest assured that this website with its program is NOT a fraud. We are not a faceless organization without physical office. We are genuinely passionate to make impact; and we will always be accountable for what we do. It is assuredly a 100% genuine information empowerment-cum-residual income program.
Your commitment is just a one-time payment of N5,000 only to upgrade your free membership to PREMIUM status. In fact, immediately you register and upgrade your account to premium status, YOU WILL GAIN ACCESS TO A LIBRARY FULL OF PREMIUM E-BOOKS THAT WILL POSITIVELY IMPACT YOUR LIFE. This alone is an unquantifiable value for your money.
As you’ve equally read, as a premium member, you WILL earn money on this platform. This is a GUARANTEE. In fact EARNING MONEY ON THIS PLATFORM IS JUST AN ADDITIONAL VALUE that you cannot afford to ignore. While the earning comes via referrer (just 5 people), yet it is never compulsory for you to refer as the system does it for you via a continuous massive registration of members that is expected to emanate from the nonstop traffic to the website from the efforts of our marketing and advertising team.
In view of this, all that you need do is register and activate your account as soon as you can to avoid being deleted from the system database, and thereby position yourself on a queue to get your 5 direct down-liners registered under you by the system on first come, first serve basis. You still however has an option to get your 5 direct members yourself to hasten your earning.
Simply put, NaijaUnion.org is our genuine, humble contribution to solving unemployment and money issue among majority of Nigerians leveraging on the power of internet technology. It is our hope that through this platform, many people shall be helped to launch their personal online business as a result of the training and income this platform offers.
At this junction, the questions that may be boggling your mind are probably two:
1. What should I do to partake from this initiative?
2. How do I get access to the library and also earn the said money?

Well, the answers to these two pertinent questions are expressly simple as enumerated below:
1. What you need to do to benefit in this initiative is to become a member of NaijaUnion.org by registration; and fortunately enough, it does not cost fortune to register yourself as bonafide member on this platform. It cost a one-time payment of N5,000 only. In fact, the system allows you to register as member without paying money just because we want you to have access to your backend, that is your dashboard, and navigate through. You will actually make your one-time membership payment from your dashboard. Mind you, if you fail to pay your membership fee within 48 hours, your account may be deleted either by the system or your up-liner.

2. After you have registered and activated your account by making your payment, then you will immediately have access to the library and also start earning money. This is a guarantee! In fact, if you don’t activate your account, there is no way you will get your 5 direct members either by yourself or be in queue to automatically get them by the system.

The Ideology behind NAIJAUNION.org
Every programme has a motivating factor behind it; consequently there is a reason why NaijaUnion.org is being run too, that is its ideology. As you receive baton of kindness, you must pass it to the next person in line. Simply put, we must do unto others the good that we want them do unto us. Yes, the ideology is as simple as that! It just follows the basic truth that the secret to amassing wealth is to provide people what they need in terms of goods or services, and they in turn shall exchange it with money. So, the secret of wealth boils down to thinking about how to better the life of others; in fact that is the definition of success.

The above reasoning is the exact mindset that governs NaijaUnion.org in its entirety. You can only become a member on this platform just because you have been informed about the program; hence you are equally expected to let others hear about it too. Therefore, after you have activated your membership account with N5,000 only, you are expected to inform at least 5 people to come in as members through you, and these shall be your 5 direct members. As a reminder though, it is not compulsory to refer as the system has been programmed to do it for you automatically. It will however be a good idea, very healthy for the platform, to promote this platform through social media, emails, blogging, words of mouth and whatever means you could fathom out so that even if you get your own direct members automatically through the platform, yet others can benefit from your activeness while you even earn more.

A New Opportunity is Here to Serve You Better.

Enjoy Fully Funded Scholarship Programmes

NaijaUnion.org, in partnership with The Brave Platform and Western Ville University, San Diego, California, is offering a fully funded Masters Degree Programmes to all active members.
Click here to Apply

If you are not yet a member but eagerly wish to benefit from this opportunity, all you need do is to register and become a certified member. This gets you qualified for the Masters Degree Scholarship. You may call Dr. Kehinde Olusegun, the CEO of Brave Platform, on +2347063555156 who will readily give you a more insight about the Western Ville University Masters Degree Program.

Here is where we shall be communicating with the general members of the public who are yet to be become members. Some of the things to publish here shall be based on our responses to some enquiry letters we get via contact us so that others can have more information. We shall use here too to publish updates on Plus Union which we know shall be beneficial to the general members of the public to know about. These may include, but not limited to, testimonials, achievements and progress rate. Only registered members shall have access to classified information via their dashboard. YOU NEED TO REGISTER NOW! See you inside the Program.