Please Note The Following:
  • The Masters Degree is provided by Western Ville University, San Diego, California. USA. []
  • The Overall Coordination, as regards Admission Processing and Tutelage, is provided by The Brave Platform, Nigeria. []
  • The Scholarship is funded via your earnings on this Platform,’s Matrix Income Programme, as a certified member.
Before you can apply for this scholarship, you must have met the simple condition which is, attaining a Certified Membership Status on this platform.
If you are not yet a member but eagerly wish to benefit from this opportunity, all you need do is to register and become a certified member. This gets you qualified for the Masters Degree Scholarship. You may call Dr. Kehinde Olusegun, the CEO of Brave Platform, on +2347063555156 who will readily give you a more insight about the Western Ville University Masters Degree Program.
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Please note that Physical classes are available for Accounting and Finance; Management and Business Administration; and Education Planning and Management while others will be provided strictly by online training .


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